Bobcat Family Council

What is the Bobcat Family Council?

We don't just talk the talk; we walk it side by side with dedicated Bobcat parents and family members. The Bobcat Family Council is an exciting collaboration between the Office of the Dean of Students, university partners, and family members of undergraduate students. 


Our mission? To weave the perspectives and feedback of our Bobcat families into the very fabric of Ohio University's planning and processes.  

Ohio University embraces an inclusive concept of family, recognizing various family structures, including families of origin, families of choice, or other supportive individuals in the lives of Bobcats. If that’s you, keep reading! 

Membership Benefits

There are special benefits for council members, plus it's another reason to visit your student!

Increased Access to Family Weekend Events

Complimentary or discounted tickets for weekend functions and receptions (based on the weekend schedule)

Commencement VIP Seating

Enjoy VIP seating at Commencement for your student’s senior year (up to 4 individuals)

Regular Leadership Insights

Stay informed with bi-monthly updates from the Dean of Students and unit leadership

Strategic Engagement

Provide insights and feedback to positively shape the Bobcat student experience

Special Updates and Engagement

Access to detailed university updates and engagement with leadership at bi-annual meetings

Peer Family Network

Gain a network of peer families, fostering connections and shared experiences

Required Duties

Attendance and Participation

  • Attend two in-person Bobcat Family Council meetings per year, which are typically hosted on Family Weekend and Sibs Weekend

  • Volunteer at one pre-determined event per meeting weekend

Ambassador Role

Serve as Ohio University communication ambassadors, whether on social media, via word-of-mouth, or at university functions and events* 

* Optional opportunities for engagement will be available as needed. Examples include attending a local-to-you recruitment event, participating in a virtual parent panel, and more.

Contribute to Communication Efforts

Contribute to our communication efforts by sharing your personal Ohio University experience

  • Your story may be featured in recruitment materials, social media, news stories, and more

What Do In-Person Meetings Entail?

The agenda will be different at each meeting, but council members can expect to receive university updates from leadership, explore various resources and provide feedback, participate in strategic planning sessions, and take action on council-created initiatives. 

Plus, you’ll most likely leave with a few new friends!

Commitment to Accessibility

We strive to make the Bobcat Family Council accessible to all undergraduate Bobcat families. We recognize that there may be barriers to entry, such as cost for travel and stay, childcare, and time off work. 

We encourage you to apply and note any barriers on your application. We hope to minimize these obstacles whenever possible. 

Application & Selection Process


Applicants must be a family member of a current undergraduate student. Each term will be two years, or as long as your Bobcat is a current undergraduate student- whichever comes first. 

Up to two family members per student can serve on the council. Only one application per family is required.

Application Timeline

For the 2024-25 academic year, the application for current Bobcat family members will be open April 1 to May 1, 2024. For family members of incoming Bobcats, the application will open May 26 and close July 5.

Applicants will be notified late July or early August.

Bobcat Family Council Logo

Selection Process

The Bobcat Family Council aims to incorporate perspectives reflective of the student population. 

Selection criteria will include the student's class year, major, and college, as well as their level of campus involvement, residential status (on-campus, off-campus, commuter), in-state or out-of-state status, first-generation or multigenerational status, and transfer status. This comprehensive assessment of factors ensures a well-rounded cohort that effectively represents a range of student experiences. 

The selection committee will be comprised of the Assistant Dean of Parent and Family Engagement and a minimum of three campus partners.

Council Size

The Council aims to have 2 to 3 families representing each class year of the student experience.

Ready to Join the Bobcat Family Council?

We hope you consider joining the Bobcat Family Council! The application for current Bobcat family members will be open April 1 to May 1, 2024. 

For family members of incoming Bobcats, the application will open May 26 and close July 5.

Apply Now

Applicants will be notified in late July or early August.

Have Questions?

Contact the Office of the Dean of Students!