Ohio University

Family Art Encounters, March 2020


AE @home March

Our March Art Encounters studio activity can be done at home! Based on the museum’s rich collection of Navajo weavings, this activity engages a process of creating you might not have tried before: weaving. A practice shared by many cultures, this month’s project engages the basics of the process on a small scale with cardboard looms you can make yourself or order online.

Here are a few video links to get you started.

The basics of small cardboard loom weaving:



How to make your own cardboard loom (you can adapt the size):


These are the cardboard looms we use at the museum:


We also found nice warping yarn on the Blick site and found short plastic blunt needles on Amazon. Some people also adapt a paper clip as a “needle.”

For a weaving project with younger children you can use strips of ribbon or paper (these strips were made from sheets of foam paper):

AE @home March

Have fun and email us pictures of your creations so we can post them on our website! delgado@ohio.edu

Also, contact us if you have questions or would like to share additional resources related to this project: delgado@ohio.edu