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Ni’hodootl’izh, The Second World

KMA, The Second World

Ni’hodootl’izh, The Second World, was the blue world. Many beings lived in the blue world. There was bluebird, blue hawk, and bluejay. Big insects also lived there. When they arrived in the Second World, First Man opened his medicine bundle, which contained the four clouds he had brought from the First World and the clouds rose again at the edges of the Second World. Just as in the First World, there was suffering and sorrow in the Second World. The Gods eventually became angry and destroyed the Second World with wind. When the people asked First Man to find an escape, he sent Zigzag Lightning, Straight Lightning, Rainbow and Sunray into the four directions, but they were unable to find a way out. Finally, First Man made a prayer stick of White Shell, Turquoise, Abalone and Jet. On the prayer stick he drew four footprints. When the people stood on the footprints, they rose up through the reed planted in the south and escaped into the Third World. When they escaped from the Second World, First Man carried with him the inner forms of sacred soil, plants and clouds.

Ni’hodootl’izh, The Second World