Prints Portfolios & Suites

Prints are an art form that is often published in portfolios or suites. Kennedy Museum has many examples, ranging from those created by a single artist in collaboration with a print workshop to suites organized by galleries to exchange portfolios sharing works between academic printmaking departments. Use these links to explore them.

Jim Dine, A Toolbox, 1966

Jim Dine, The Picture of Dorian Grey, 1968

Claes Oldenburg, Notes, 1968

Jim Dine and Lee Friedlander, Photographs & Etchings, 1969

Burhan Dogançay, Walls V, 1969

Juan Genovés, Silencio, Silencio, 1970

Burhan Dogançay, Walls '70, 1970

Reality and Paradoxes (Multiples/Marian Goodman), 1973

Mirrors of the Mind (Multiples/Marian Goodman), 1974

Leonardo Nierman, Intuition de L'Univers, 1974

George Segal, Blue Jean Suite, 1975

Pat Stier, Burial Mound Series, 1976

Sol Lewitt, Serial Systems Using Lines and Colors, 1977

Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1977-79

Jennifer Bartlett, Day and Night, 1978

Jennifer Bartlett, Graceland Woodcut State II, 1979

City Scapes (London Arts Inc.), 1979

Richard Kozlow, Plaza de Toros, 1980

Laddie John Dill, Ashland Series, 1980

Sol Lewitt, Four Part Combinations of Six Geometric Figures in Four Colors, 1980

Pat Steir, Suite of 3, 1983

Harvey Daniels, Objects, 1983

Jennifer Bartlett, In the Garden, 1983

Armando Morales, The Saga of Sandino, 1993

Glenn Ligon, Runaways, 1993

The Tempe Suite (exchange portfolio), 1995

Drawn to Stone (exchange portfolio), 1997

Harvey Breverman, Drawn from Life, 2005

Judy Chicago, Retrospective in a Box, 2008-13