Student researcher with Steve Evans and Julie Owens in front of her research poster
Research Projects

Research Projects

The Center for Intervention Research in Schools (CIRS) team has many new and ongoing projects. Check out the projects and research on this page to learn more about the center and our initiatives, as well as ways you can get involved.



Current Projects

  • Alcohol and Couples Study

    The study examines how alcohol consumption may impact competition between young adult men and women who are in a romantic relationship.

  • Beacon

    Beacon is an intuitively designed, web-based intervention support system that provides educators, intervention specialists and school-based mental health professionals the tools needed for a wide variety of high quality behavior supports.

  • Bridges to Education Success for Teens

    The Bridges to Education Success for Teens (BEST) project is evaluation of the Challenging Horizons Program for high school students with ADHD.

  • Challenging Horizons Program

    The Challenging Horizons Program (CHP) is a psychosocial intervention program designed to address the academic and social impairments commonly experienced by middle school students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • Classroom Behavior Support Project

    The CIRS team is assessing the effectiveness of several professional development and consultation strategies to determine which best help teachers implement high quality Tier 1 and Tier 2 behavioral supports and produce positive outcomes for students.

  • Computer Assisted Behavior Interventions

    Computer Assisted Behavior Interventions (CABI) is a collaborative project that involves developing a web-based game to augment the treatments provided in the Challenging Horizons Program for middle school students with ADHD.

  • Daily Report Card

    The Daily Report Card – Online (DRC.O) is a website that provides resources to teachers interested in developing a Daily Report Card, and it includes training and implementation supports.

  • Early Childhood Screening

    The Early Childhood Screening Project focuses on finding ways to better identify children who are at-risk for experiencing behavioral difficulties in pre-k, kindergarten and beyond.

  • Maximize Project

    The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate innovative resources that help teachers use positive behavioral supports to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Previous Projects

  • Individual Formative Assessment of Behavior

    The Individual Formative Assessment of Behavior (IFAB) is a development and validation of a web-based system for monitoring social behavior.

  • Making Socially Accepting Classrooms

    The Making Socially Accepting Inclusive Classrooms (MOSAIC) project aimed to help children be more inclusive, socially accepting, patient and tolerant of classmates who may be different from them or who may be dealing with behavioral or learning problems.

  • Project to Learn About Youth Mental Health

    Project to Learn About Youth (PLAY) Mental Health aimed to identify the rates of social, emotional and behavioral problems in youth ages 5 –17 by conducting research at four sites across the country.