Bentley Hall with Annex

Faculty & Staff 


Visiting Assistant Professor  Benjamin Banta   211 Bentley Annex 
Professor  Susan Burgess 740-597-1347  225 Bentley Annex 
Professor  DeLysa Burnier 740-593-1337  217 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Michael Burton   221 Bentley Annex 
Visiting Assistant Professor  Frederic Cady   205 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Maria Fanis 740-593-2107  259 Bentley Annex 
Visiting Assistant Professor  Kathryn Fisher    
Visiting Assistant Professor  Kimberley Fletcher   209 Bentley Annex 
Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Enrollment Management and Program Assessment  John Gilliom   Wilson Hall Administrative Bldg. 
Professor and Chair  Judith Grant 740-593-4369  261 Bentley Annex 
Visiting Assistant Professor  Loren Goldman    
Asst. Professor  Vince Jungkunz 740-593-1336  249 Bentley Annex 
Assistant Professor, Ohio University -Chillicothe  Nicholas Kiersey 740.774.7270  254 Bennett Hall 
Asst. Professor  Brandon Kendhammer   215 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Nancy Manring 740-593-4375  251 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor, Honors Tutorial Director  James Mosher 740-593-4383  235 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Sarah Poggione 740-597-1348  257 Bentley Annex 
Asst. Professor  Andrew Ross 740-597-1820  255 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Jay Ryu 740-593-1993  237 Bentley Annex 
Asst. Professor  Nukhet Sandal   203 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor, Ohio University - Eastern  Kevin Spiker   Shannon Hall Arts & Sciences - Eastern 
Associate Professor  Kathleen Sullivan 740-593-4373  233 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Takaaki Suzuki 740-593-4378  231 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor  Barry Tadlock 740-593-4373  253 Bentley Annex 
Asst. Professor  Debra Thompson 740-593-4367  213 Bentley Annex 
Associate Professor, Ohio University - Lancaster  Linda Trautman 740-654-6711 ext 654  539 Brasee Ohio University - Lancaster 
Associate Professor  Myra Waterbury   219 Bentley Annex 
Professor, Political Science; Director, War and Peace Studies, Center for International Studies  Patricia Weitsman 740-593-1335  229 Bentley Annex  
Associate Professor, Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program  Julie White 740-593-1333  227 Bentley Annex 


IT Specialist  Sharell Arocho 740-593-0366  243 Bentley Annex 
Department Administrator  Nina Sharpe 740-593-4963  264 Bentley Annex 
Administrative Assistant  Amy Simons 740.593.4373  266 Bentley Annex