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Teaching Portfolio Links of Interest

University of Minnesota's Center for Teaching and Learning: Writing your Teaching Philosophy

Follow the tutorial by working through the tabs on the left, in order:

Background and Contexts for Teaching Philosophies, Getting Started (on Your Teaching Philosophy), Creating Your Draft and Assessing Your Draft.

The Ohio State University Center for the Advancement of Teaching                          



Vanderbilt Center for Teaching:Teaching Statements
Useful overview of what teaching statements are with useful guidelines, questions and prompts to get one started on writing.

University of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: The Teaching Philosophy/Teaching Statement

Excellent collection of papers as well as links to other sites on teaching portfolios including samples from graduate students at the University of Michigan.

Univ of Texas at El Paso: Articulating Your Philosophy of Teaching

Cornell University Graduate School: Teaching Philosophy Statement

Six Tips for Writing an Effective Teaching Statement

Washington University in St. Louis- The Teaching Center: Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement


Dr. Wayne Hall's (UC) ePortfolio Site


Univ. of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching- Teaching Portfolio rubric


Pratt & Collins' "Teaching Perspectives Inventory" (TPI)

The TPI is an online survey (link below) to help identify your own personal orientation to teaching, even if you are not currently teaching, or have never taught before. It is free, and only takes 15-20 minutes to complete. It can be very useful to help one get started on a teaching philosophy statement and may help serve as a catalyst to thinking about drafting and organizing your own Teaching Portfolio. The Pratt & Collins' "Teaching Perspectives Inventory" (TPI) is available at:

(a clip from their website)
The Teaching Perspectives Inventory measures teachers' orientations to their roles as managers of the learning process. The Inventory yields five alternative points of view (perspectives) on teaching by asking structured questions about teachers' actions in the teaching setting, their intentions how they organize the learning situation, and their beliefs about fundamental principles of teaching and learning.


Ohio University Center for Teaching & Learning Teaching Portfolio for Future Faculty (TP4FF)

Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

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