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Email: Upgrade resumes Sep 20

Catmail loginExchange loginInitial graduate & medical student migrations complete.  Next phase begins Sep 20.

Aug 28, 2014 - OIT has completed the first phase of graduate and medical student migrations.  On Sep 20, we will enable a hybrid server that will allow employees and graduate/medical students to see calendar availability across both systems.

Temporary accounts for calendar management

The OIT Service Desk can create temporary Exchange guest accounts for graduate students who need to manage a shared departmental calendar or act as a delegate for a faculty or staff member.  To request this service, call 740-593-1222 or submit a request online.

Upgrade timeline:

August 18 - September 1 - Upgrade on hold for move-in and fall opening
  • In keeping with our change freeze policy, no upgrade work will take place during the two weeks surrounding the first day of fall semester.
September 20 - Deploy Exchange hybrid server
  • Allows Catmail and Exchange users to see each other's free/busy times
  • Allows OIT to begin moving employee Exchange accounts to Catmail
Late September - Finish graduate student migration
  • 3,617 Grad Students who only have Exchange accounts need to be moved using the hybrid server
October - Employee pilot and rollout
  • OIT Pilot
  • Administrative Pilot
  • Administrative and Academic Departments
  • Emeriti

The upgrade will provide 50GB quotas, a better web interface, and easier calendaring for faculty, staff, graduate students, medical students, retirees, and long term guest account holders.  Undergraduates and alumni are not affected. 

Learn more

Everyone at Ohio University receives an email account.  Your address is your OHIO ID at ohio.edu. Our system distinguishes between employees and students, so it is possible to have two separate OHIO email accounts: one as an employee and another as a student.  Accounts are created automatically based on your status in SIS and HR/Payroll.

Catmail | Exchange | Mailing lists | Large files: Filelocker | Large files: Box | Login help


Catmail is a Microsoft-hosted cloud service providing email, calendar, contacts, and task management to undergraduate students and alumni. Accounts are created automatically from information received from the Student Information System. 


Exchange is a locally hosted service providing email, calendar, contacts, and task management to faculty, staff, graduate students, medical students, emeriti, retirees, and long term guests. Accounts are created automatically from information received from Human Resources/Payroll and the Student Information System.

Mailman mailing lists

If you need an email-based discussion group for university-related topics, you can request a Mailman mailing list.  Once your list has been created, you can invite people to subscribe to the list.  Membership in a list simply requires any valid email address; however, you must be an OHIO email user and either an employee or member of a registered student organization to be a list owner/administrator.

Filelocker for large attachments

Filelocker offers temporary, secure storage for sharing files and data.  If you need to send an attachment larger than 15-20 MB, use Filelocker instead.  By default you can store/share files up to 1 GB for up to 30 days, with an option to increase that size to 8 GB on request.  You can share with anyone inside or outside of the university, as long as they have an email address.

Box for large attachments & collaboration

Box offers 50 GB of long term, secure file storage, sharing, and collaborative editing.  If you need to share a file with one or more people, especially if the file needs to be edited or kept for longer than 30 days, use Box.  You can share/collaborate with anyone inside or outside of the university, as long as they have an email address.

Login help

Email at OHIO requires an active OHIO ID and valid password:

If your account is active, but you still are unable to log in, make sure you are using the correct email system:

  • Catmail - current undergraduates, alumni, graduate students with accounts created after March 26, 2014
  • Exchange - current employees, graduate students, medical students, retirees, emeriti, and long term guests

If you are having trouble activating your account or have other questions, contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222.