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Print-Based Courses (PBC)

Our print-based courses are developed by Ohio University faculty using the content of their classroom courses. These courses provide a structured method of independent study involving a tutorial relationship with a faculty member who guides your learning and monitors your progress. A detailed study guide, prepared by your instructor, helps you understand the material and contains assignments you submit for evaluation and feedback to the instructor by e-mail, fax, or postal mail. You may enroll any time during the year, and you have eight months to complete a print-based course.

Most lessons require you to submit answers to objective questions or write brief essays or both. Some lessons may require a paper or project. The study guide often includes self-check tests that let you monitor your own progress. Generally, two supervised examinations are required—a midcourse and a final examination.

Course Credit By Examination (CCE)

If you are familiar with a particular subject or are able to master content without assistance, you may be able to earn credit through a single comprehensive examination. With the option you receive a course syllabus that outlines course requirements, grading policy, and the kind of examination to be taken. You will need to obtain the textbook and prepare for the examination without assistance from the instructor.

You may enroll at any time, but you must take the examination within six months from the date of enrollment. Your grade on the examination will be the grade for the course.

Special Projects

Special arrangements can sometimes be made for individualized courses called independent study projects. However, important restrictions apply:

You and the instructor agree on the text and other materials to be used and what activities will be required to satisfy the course requirements. You may enroll at any time, and you are allowed six months to complete the project. Special course examinations may also be arranged. (A complete listing of the undergraduate courses offered by Ohio University is contained in the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog.)

Tuition for Print-Based Education and Special Projects

Visit the tuition section where we list the various rates and fees associated with print-based education and special projects.

Financial Aid for Print-Based Education and Special Projects

Financial aid generally covers the cost of tuition, textbooks, database fees and technology fees for print-based education and special projects.

If you indicate print-based education is part of the course enrollment plan, the financial award offer is adjusted to reflect the eligibility for print-based education courses. Please review the Financial Aid Information for Print-Based Courses.

Admission Procedures for Print-Based Education and Special Projects

If you are not a current Ohio University student and you want to take print-based education courses, you must complete the eCampus Admission Application. If you have been an OHIO student, but haven't been registered for more than 1 (one) term, complete the re-enrollment form. Current OHIO students can register for courses.

To see the course options, visit the eCampus PBC and CCE Course List. You can register for a course by completing the course registration form.



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