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Follow the steps in the application and registration processes.

An Ohio University Undergraduate Student

If you are a currently enrolled OHIO student, no application is needed to register for online or print-based education courses (i.e., print-based, course credit by examination, or independent study). If you have been an OHIO student, but haven't been registered for more than one term, complete the re-enrollment form.
To register for an online class, use the My OHIO Student Center. To register for print-based education courses, click HERE for more information.

Please note that print-based education courses are NOT covered in your term comprehensive fee.

A Student with Little or No College

If you have earned no college credit, a little college credit, or an associate degree, what is your educational goal? If you wish to earn an associate degree, or if you have earned one associate degree, do you want to earn a bachelor's degree from Ohio University? Or do you simply want to take a class or two for now?


To take just a class or two, complete the eCampus Admission Application as a nondegree student.

To earn an associate degree, complete the eCampus Admission Application as a degree-seeking student.

To earn a bachelor's degree, consider if you are eligible for our Community College Partners program or if an individualized degree program is right for you.

A Student From Another University

If you are a college student from another institution and you want to take a class as a visiting, nondegree student, complete the eCampus Admission Application as a nondegree seeking student.

An Incarcerated Student

Incarcerated students can work toward a degree, earn a paralegal certificate, or just take a few courses. Learn more about OHIO Correctional Education


incarcerated student 

A Graduate Student

Students interested in earning graduate credit, please investigate our graduate opportunities or, if you want to take just one graduate class, complete the Nondegree Transient Admissions Form from the Graduate College.


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