Ohio University

Guide: Uploading a New Version

Uploading new versions of documents that have already been uploaded into CommonSpot is a quick and efficient was to keep clutter on the site to a minimum. Uploading a new version of a document will relieve the content contributor from having to find and test every link to the document because every revision of the document is saved in the same place. Following are instructions for uploading a revision of a document to CommonSpot.

To upload a new version of a document in CommonSpot, the new file must have the EXACT SAME FILE NAME as the previously uploaded version. If not, any existing links to the document will not reflect the change to the document. If you're not sure, the best bet is to upload a new document.

  1. Log in to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/your subsite/manage
    • The Manage : Manage page will appear as shown next.
  2. Click the semi-transparent pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page to reveal a menu.
    • The icon is barely visible (left picture, below) until the mouse is hovered over it (as in the right picture, below.)
  3. From the revealed menu, choose My CommonSpot.
  4. Click Tools in the CommonSpot toolbar to reveal a menu.
  5. Click Saved Searches in the menu, as shown below.
  6. When the All Saved Searches window appears, click the Search for Uploaded Document (from Manage Interface) link (circled below).
    • The search will reveal documents that have been uploaded to CommonSpot.
  7. Click the Metadata and Security button(circled below) in the Actions column.
  8. From the revealed menu, select Upload New Version (circled in next illustration).
    • A Browse dialog box will appear.
  9. Click the Browse button to search your computer for the updated version of the document. SUPER IMPORTANT: THE FILE YOU CHOOSE MUST HAVE THE EXACT SAME FILE NAME AS THE PREVIOUSLY UPLOADED DOCUMENT. If not, existing links to the document will not update to reflect the new version.
  10. Select the updated document, then click Open.
  11. Confirm that the correct directory and filename of the updated document appear in the Upload New Document Version window, as shown next. (Hint: click once in the Local filename field, then use arrow keys to move to the end of the line where the filename is found.)
  12. Click Save at the bottom right of the Upload New Document Version window.
    • Wait while the new version of the document is uploaded to the CommonSpot server.
    • The Saved Search Results window will appear.
  13. Click the link for your document to verify that the new version was uploaded successfully. (An example is circled above.)
  14. Click Close at the bottom right of the Saved Search Results window.