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Digital Course Materials

Technology solutions that promote affordable, digital content like ebooks and courseware for students. Please visit the Affordable Learning page for more information about our collaborative initiative with University Libraries and the Office of Instructional Innovation.

Announcement: Digital course material charges on Student Account

Beginning Summer Semester 2021-22, the cost of the digital course materials will post to student's accounts along with tuition and fees.  If a student drops or opts-out of the course on or before the drop/add deadline date, the digital course material charge will automatically be removed from their student account within 48 hours of dropping the course. If a student drops the course after the drop/add deadline date, they will be responsible for the digital course material charge. Payment can be made for digital course materials via their MyOHIO Student Center or Authorized User portal.


Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access gives students enrolled in participating courses access to their digital content on the first day of class at a significantly lower price than printed materials. 

  • Low-cost course content available on day one of your class.
  • Easy opt-out process.
  • Digital content is accessible and supports highlighting, copy/paste, printing, note sharing and annotations.
  • VitalSource reader content is available offline through downloadable mobile and desktop apps.
  • Some content is interactive.
  • Participating publishers include McGraw Hill, Cengage, Pearson, MacMillan, Norton, Sage, Human Kinetics, and Wiley.  
  • View a list of current courses and associated digital content costs.

How to Opt Out

Students who wish to opt out, must do so before the last day to remove (drop) a class.  This date can be found on the Registrar's official academic calendar

How to Access your Digital Course Materials

Inclusive Access digital content is provided via Blackboard Learn.

Open Educational Resources

Helps instructors discover, author and adopt Open Educational Resources or other low-cost course materials.


  • Current faculty, administrative staff and students.

How to Request



  • No request needed. If a course offers Digital Course Materials, information will be included in the Textbooks and Materials section of its description in Course Offerings