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Getting Started with Blackboard: Students

Getting Started

Every semester, a Blackboard course site is automatically created for each course offered by Ohio University.  Although students are automatically loaded to each course site two (2) weeks before the start date, a course remains inaccessible to students until the instructor opens it.  Because instructors are not required to use the LMS, some course sites are never opened.  If in doubt, students should check with the instructor to confirm that a course will, or will not, make use of Blackboard.

Navigate Outside a Course - Direct access to core Blackboard features from the moment you log in. 

Profile - Customize your Blackboard Profile, configure your notifications settings, and add your cloud storage accounts.

Activity Stream - See up-to-the-minute action for all of your courses in this feed.

Find Your Courses - View past, present, and future classes on the Courses page.

Calendar - Use the calendar to keep track of upcoming assignments, events, and other due dates.

Grades - View recently graded items and course grades for past and current courses.

Navigate Inside a Course - Become familiar with various features and tools available inside each of your courses.

Announcements - Your instructor will communicate important, time-sensitive information on the course Announcements page.

How do I login and find my classes on Blackboard?

Using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, go to blackboard.ohio.edu and login with your OHIO ID and password.

Blackboard course sites become accessible to the Instructor of Record eight (8) weeks prior to the course start date; however, students are not loaded until two (2) weeks prior to the start date. Additionally, your instructor must make the course site available to students before you can access it. For more information on locating your course list within Blackboard, please see the Find Your Courses Bb Help page.

Why can’t I login OR see one or more of my courses in Blackboard?
  • Is it more than two (2) weeks before the course start date?
    Unless your instructor has given you explicit instructions to work in the Blackboard course before the start of term, don't expect to be able to log in until the first day of class.
  • Is your instructor using Blackboard for your course?
    Blackboard is an optional tool; if your instructor does not use Blackboard, you will see the course, but you will not be able to enter.
  • Has your instructor made the course available in Blackboard?
    If you have confirmed with your instructor that the class will be using Blackboard, it is possible that they have not yet opened the course to students. The Blackboard Help & Resources: Instructors portion of this website includes instructions to open a course to students.
How do I view grades and feedback on my assignments?
  1. Do one of the following:
    • OPTION 1: While on the Institution Page (Bb landing page), select the Grades link from the system navigation panel at left.
    • OPTION 2: If you are already viewing a course, select the Tools link from the course navigation menu and then click My Grades. Alternatively, the course navigation menu may contain a direct link to the My Grades tool.
  2. Check the Grades column at far right for the grade or status of each assignment/test/activity listed in the "Item" column.  Don't see a grade? For more details about the various status indicators, view the What do the icons mean? Bb Help article.
  3. To view any additional feedback from your instructor, click the item’s title. (Not all instructors provide additional feedback.)
    • Additional step to view detailed Test feedback (as configured by the instructor): After clicking on the item’s title, then click on the test score.
      Screenshot of the My Grades page with one assignment circled in pink.
How do I download the mobile version of Blackboard?

Use the Blackboard Student Mobile App to view courses, participate in discussions, and interact with your instructor.