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Communication in Blackboard Learn: Instructors


You can communicate and interact with an individual or group of students in your course using the many tools available in Blackboard. By employing a blend of communication techniques, instructors can foster collaboration with and between their students. 

  • Announcements - Post important course information like due dates, upcoming tests, and other course-related events.
  • Calendar - Graded items with due dates appear in the calendar automatically. Manually create events for additional project or test due dates, class meetings, special lectures, &/or office hours.
  • Email - Send emails to all course users, select groups, or individual users straight from your course to their OHIO email account.
  • Groups - Manual, random, or self-enrollment groups provide a space for group work and collaboration.
  • Discussions - Explore a deeper understanding of course content through discussion board forums with focused topics or create a Q&A forum where students can pose questions for instructors or peers to respond.
  • Journals - Interact with students privately as they share their reflections on course-related materials.
  • Wikis – Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials and provide a means of sharing and collaboration. 
  • Blogs – A blog is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended to share with others. Most blogs also have a commenting feature, so that people can respond to one another's thoughts. Blogs encourage students to clearly express their ideas. 
  • Messages – Course messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within your course among course members. 

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