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Fonts: OHIO brand approved

The Official Ohio University fonts available for desktop download are P22 Mackinac, Proxima Nova, and Termina. Only install these versions.

OHIO's primary brand identity font is P22 Mackinac and should be used on most executions. Termina and Proxima Nova are also available for specific use cases. View the Typography Guide for more information on the typefaces and their usage. 

Please note that due to a limited number of licenses, the download of Ohio University fonts is reserved for faculty and staff without Adobe Creative Cloud access.

The University brand fonts identified are licensed for print, video, broadcast, web, and digital reproduction through Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. Any member of the University community with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription managed by OIT may activate the fonts for use using this alternative method. View the Adobe Fonts licensing documentation for further information.

P22 Mackinac, Termina, and Proxima Nova are to replace the previous open-source OHIO fonts of EB Garamond, Barlow and Zilla Slab. Full adoption of the new fonts across the institution is required to maintain consistency in the University's brand.

How to Access

 How to Install

Please note if you are off campus remember to sign into the VPN before proceeding.


If you need to install fonts on a centrally managed Windows computer, please visit the Software Center to download.

The fonts can also be accessed through these steps:

  • Click the Start Menu
  • Start typing in Software Center
  • Click on and open Software Center
  • Locate and select the item named: "Ohio University Fonts". - Click on the Install button

Mac OS

Managed macOS computers can directly access the 2021 fonts which opens the item in Self Service to download them. Only managed Macs will have Self Service. Personally-owned Macs are not eligible to install these fonts, due to licensing limitations. University owned Macs that don't have Self Service can be added to management by contacting the OIT Service Desk or your department's IT team.

The fonts can also be accessed through these steps:

  • In the Applications folder, open Self Service.
  • In Self Service, select "Browse" to open the list of categories.
  • In the list of categories, select "Fonts."
  • The item named "OHIO Fonts (2021)" should now be visible in the right column.
  • Click the "Install" button under that item and follow the steps provided



  • Windows
  • Mac


  • All OHIO faculty and staff users