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OHIO Technology Review

A technology review is required for all information technology, communication technology or software purchases/renewals, including "free" services and services developed in house. The review checks for:

  • Compatibility - With Ohio University's existing IT infrastructure.
  • Compliance- With University policies/state law.
  • Alignment - With IT best practices and standards.
  • Accessibility - An accessibility review also will be performed any time an Ohio University administrative or academic unit uses software to provide university programming, services or activities.

Reviews are conducted by a multi-departmental committee of campus professionals, each with unique areas of expertise. The process is facilitated by OIT and includes OIT, Purchasing and in some cases the Registrar and Legal Affairs.

Please request a technology review as soon as you have selected the product you wish to purchase or renew. You may need to work with your vendor to gather required user and technical details as part of your request. For help with a software or technology purchase, contact the IT Service Desk.

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