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Departmental Software Purchases

If your department needs a specific application, app, or cloud-based software service that is not listed on our available software page, you can submit a purchase request through Bobcat BUY. Please keep in mind that all software purchases must pass an OHIO technology review to identify possible security, accessibility, compatibility, regulatory and contractual issues.

Steps to order software

  1. Check the available software page to make sure your title is not already licensed for University use.
  2. Initiate a purchase request for the software title in Bobcat BUY.
  3. To expedite your purchase, complete a technology review request immediately after submitting your Bobcat BUY order.
  4. Considerations for all software purchases:
    • All solutions must be reviewed, including free software.
    • Take a few minutes to read the "terms of service" and "privacy" sections of your chosen software title' license. One key thing to look for is whether they will sell or provide your information to third parties without your permission. If they say they will or it's not mentioned, you should exercise caution, depending on the type of information the software collects.
    • Does the software or service require students to setup their own accounts? Or does it only require the faculty member? If student accounts are required, also consider what student data (including personal information) the vendor will have access to and whether it would fall under FERPA guidelines.
    • Account management is an important consideration. If you are provisioning accounts to individuals, please ensure you have a process and reminder in place to de-provision those accounts once access is no longer needed.
    • Let OIT know if you begin using a tool. We can often provide additional support or guidance.
    • Remember, with a no-cost solution, YOU are the product!