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Fax Instructions

Send a Fax

Send a fax via email attachment

  1. Email your document as an attachment to the receiving fax number at fax.ohio.edu using the following address format: 
  2. After a few minutes, the system will email a confirmation message to you with the results of your request.

Send a fax via web upload

  1. Login to fax.ohio.edu
  2. Click Compose Fax.
  3. In the Compose tab, enter your recipient's fax number. Use the following format:
    • On campus: 10 digit number, e.g. 7405931222
    • Off campus local: 9 + the 10 digit number, e.g. 97405931222
    • Domestic long distance or toll free: 9 + 1 + the 10 digit number, e.g. 917405931222
  4. If you would like to include a cover sheet, choose a style from the dropdown and fill out the fields.
  5. Click Choose File to upload the document you wish to fax.
  6. By default, the "Sender" information contains your OHIO directory information. Use the Sender & Company Information tab to change this. 
  7. Use the Options tab to specify additional options, including the date and time to send the fax.
  8. To send the fax, click Submit.

Supported Formats

PDF, JPG, GIF, HTML, RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Receive a Fax

To receive faxes, contact the IT Service Desk to request an incoming electronic fax number. The incoming number can be set up to deliver faxes as email attachments to an OHIO email address, or you can log into the web interface to download your received faxes.