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Technology Finder for OHIO Learning Spaces

OIT provides technology support for centrally scheduled and managed classrooms along with other learning spaces. 

How to Find Technology in an OHIO Learning Space

Technology Information Table Legend

  • Building Name - Name or address of the campus building where the classroom is located.
  • Ad Astra Code / Room - Room code, often the same as the room number, used for scheduling a classroom (e.g. MCCR118 = Patton Hall 118)
  • Centrally Scheduled - Centrally scheduled classrooms are scheduled using Ad Astra. If a classroom is not centrally scheduled, please contact the department/college for scheduling.
  • Webcam / Built-in Webcam - Whether or not a webcam is available in the classroom.
  • Document Camera - Whether or not a document camera is available in the classroom.
  • Wireless Display - Whether or not wireless display capabilities are available in the classroom. Wireless display options include AirMedia, AppleTV, and Solstice.
  • Extended Microphone - Whether or not an extended microphone(s) is available in the classroom.
  • ADA Lectern - Whether or not a height adjustable lectern is available in the classroom.
  • DVD Player - Whether or not a DVD player is available in the classroom. 
  • Room Size - The room size is related to the number of seats in the classroom.
    • Small - 1 to 24
    • Medium - 25 to 98
    • Large - 99+