Ohio University

Electronic Forms: Microsoft Forms

Electronic forms replace physical form copies that require manual work and processes. Using electronic forms, we can automate submission and approval processes in order to create efficiencies and maintain data integrity.

In addition to the base Microsoft Forms platform, we also offer custom electronic form development based on specific customer needs.

How to Access


All OHIO users with access to Office 365 can use the base version of Microsoft Forms.

Faculty and staff who have budget authority and/or their delegate may request custom electronic forms and/or workflows for their unit.

How to Request 

If you would like to request OIT's help in optimizing a Form-based workflow, please contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Organization/Business Unit/Department requesting the solution
  • Overview of the current business process that needs to be automated
  • Explanation of how you picture automation improving your business process: What could change, and how much time would you save?
  • Preferred timeline: Is this critical and urgent? Is this a wish list item you would like to have eventually?
  • A point of contact who:
    • Is the budgetary authority of the unit (or has secured budgetary authority for the request)
    • Will be responsible for the day-to-day development, communication, and sign-off of the project