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Microsoft Teams releases new webinar feature

Microsoft recently released a new Teams feature that allows OHIO users to create webinars. This functionality enables you to easily schedule your webinar, register attendees, run an interactive presentation, and analyze attendee data for effective event follow up. 

Unlike ordinary Teams meetings which typically include ample back and forth discussion among the participants, Teams webinars are more controlled and all participants have clear roles. Each webinar should have at least one presenter who aims to share their ideas or provide training to an audience (all other attendees). 

The presenters can schedule the event weeks or months in advance by creating a registration form that each prospective attendee must complete before receiving the information needed to join the event. Additionally, during the webinar, presenters can share presentations and videos, restrict attendee audio and video capabilities, and can distribute polls to enhance audience participation. 

To further determine which Teams meeting type is best suited for you and your events, consider the specific settings of Teams meetings, live events, and webinars

Microsoft has released detailed help information for this new feature. For additional support, please contact the IT Service Desk