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Annual Upgrade

Don't forget that Blackboard will be unavailable to users during the Annual Upgrade Maintenance Window.  The annual maintenance window will begin every year at 5 PM the Wednesday that Spring semester grades are due and end at 5 PM the Sunday before the Summer term start date.  Please note that the Bb Support team will make every effort to bring the system back up earlier than the posted deadline, if at all possible. 

For the 2014-15 academic year, the upgrade window falls between 5 PM Wednesday, May 6 and 5 PM Sunday, May 10.  Please plan to complete Summer course development prior to Wednesday, May 6.


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System Status

Blackboard is functioning as expected.

Blackboard will be unavailable from 12:00am until 3:30am Saturday February 28, due to maintenance on related systems.

Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard has been upgraded to Service Pack 13.  Please see our revised How To Guides for additional information.

To report an issue, call (740)593-1222 or submit a request at www.ohio.edu/oitech