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All of the graphics provided here are free for use to any Ohio University department, faculty or staff member, or recognized student organization. Below you will find several links to our shared graphics, as well as design tips and tricks, instructions on how to load the Web Color Palette into Photoshop, and more!

Please Note:
The graphics provided below are in GIF format. They are meant to be used as shared graphics and each is shown with the appropriate HTML code to insert onto your page. Using shared graphics will speed your web page loading time, e.g., by using the same stylized woodcut graphic on your site as is used on the Ohio University front door, your browser will already have loaded that image into its cache when a visitor first comes to the Ohio University Web site. Therefore, it is one less graphic that will have to load from your site before it can display your page. This only works, however, if you use the exact HTML code we provide. Downloading these images and resaving them into your own site with the same file name does not achieve the same effect.

Please do not "steal" graphics that were designed for use on individual pages. In particular, please do not take graphics from the front door (especially the bobcat) and the audience pages. The Web Design Team will be happy to assist you in producing custom graphics that will meet your needs. Please contact us by going to, for assistance.



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