Learning HTML

The Office of Information Technology offers training each quarter through free non-credit seminars, including the use of DreamWeaver to prepare Web pages. In addition, you may wish to consult the information linked from here, which provides an introduction to dealing with the HTML directly. This may be useful even if most of your page authoring activity is using tools such as DreamWeaver or CommonSpot -- both of those tools permit directly manipulation of the HTML codes for at least parts of your pages.

The HTML I and HTML II on-line courses linked here are a logical sequence, hence should be studied in order. Each course parallels a two-hour seminar, presented as a combination of lecture, demonstration, hands-on, and Q&A.

The HTML Tags Summary lists all of the HTML Tags discussed in the two classes. These 32 tags and 22 attributes will permit you to create a wide variety of Web pages.

Document Conversion provides a step-by-step guide to converting a word processing document into an HTML Web page, including the initial formatting, structure and organization, navigation, and emphasis.

Lifelong Learning provides inexpensive, commercial, Web-based training on a variety of topics, including HTML and Web page authoring.

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