No Show Policy

OhioHealth Campus Care at Ohio University

Policy and procedures

OhioHealth Campus Care recognizes that there are numerous reasons for which a student might be unable to keep a scheduled appointment, in order to serve each student in the best way possible, advance notice is needed if a student will be unable to keep a scheduled appointment. The following procedure will be followed in the event of a missed appointment without advanced cancellation notice:

  • No charge is incurred for the student’s first violation. However, an email will sent to the student notifying them of the missed appointment and requesting that they reschedule.  The email will inform the student that no charge is incurred for the first missed appointment, and notify them of the policy for subsequent violations.
  • For each violation thereafter, the student will be charged twenty dollars ($20.00). An email will be sent to the student requesting that they reschedule the appointment and informing them of the charge.

Students that feel there are special circumstances related to the no-show or late cancellation may request a review by completing the "No Show Waiver" form and submitting it to the OhioHealth Campus Care Business Office or emailing the form to

No Show Waiver