Billing and Insurance 

Campus Care

Health Insurance and Billing

As a courtesy, Campus Care will bill your health insurance company for all medical services provided at the health center, whether they are considered in-network or out-of-network. It is your responsibility to provide your medical insurance information and understand your insurance coverage.

You’re responsible for co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, self-pay and any balance after insurance. You are also responsible for services not covered by your insurance plan. The balance will be assessed to your MyOHIO Student Center. Please click on the "Make a Payment" link there to view and pay your Campus Care charges. Payments may also be made at Campus Care or the Office of the Bursar.

Campus Care can assist you in obtaining external referrals for services not provided at Campus Care. You are responsible for all costs incurred outside the health center.

Bring your health insurance card

We want to bill your insurance company for services, so we will ask for your insurance information every time you visit Campus Care. We’ll work with you to get the required information, but you can help by making sure you have a valid health insurance card and student ID. If providing a copy of your insurance card, we need a copy of the front and back of the card. If you are not the policy holder, we will also need the policy holder's date of birth, Social Security number, address, telephone, and place of employment. If you do not provide Campus Care with your insurance card and information, the entire visit amount will be assessed to your MyOHIO Student Center. If insurance is provided after charges are assessed to your MyOHIO Student Center, we will still bill your insurance for you and assess the new balance to your account once the claim has been processed. Please note that insurance companies have a timely filing deadline. If this deadline is not met, you must pay the entire amount. It is your responsibility to provide us with your insurance card at the time of service or in a timely manner.

Billing process

When a student is charged for a service through Campus Care, the charge is entered into the electronic medical record system of the Student Health Service and then sent to our insurance-processing group. Charges are submitted to the student’s respective insurance company for payment. All unpaid balances will be the responsibility of the student.

Balances are transferred to the Students’ MyOHIO account. Please click on the “Make a Payment” link there to view and pay charges. Payments may also be made at Campus Care or the Office of the Bursar. A copy of the invoice can be obtained from the Campus Care Business Office. We do not mail invoices unless requested by the student.

Medical insurance requirement 

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all Athens campus students. Domestic students enrolled on time for five or more credit hours, and international students taking one or more credit hours will be automatically enrolled and billed for a policy offered by Ohio University. If you do not wish to purchase the policy offered by Ohio University, you can decline it by completing an online waiver through your MyOHIO Student Center. To avoid paying for the policy offered by Ohio University, you must decline the coverage by the posted deadline. For more information regarding the Ohio University Student health Insurance, please view the website here.

The policy premium for the student health insurance offered by Ohio University is assessed to your semester bill. If you want to purchase the policy, verify that the charge has been added to your bill, and do not complete the online waiver. Details of the insurance policy coverage are available online  or by clicking  here.

Waiving medical insurance 

If you do not wish to purchase the policy offered by Ohio University, you can decline it by completing the online waiver form through your MyOHIO Student Center. The waiver will require current health insurance coverage information. Waivers MUST be submitted online prior to the posted deadline to remove the charge from your account. Waivers will be available to you after registering for classes. A waiver submitted during fall semester will waive the student health insurance for the entire academic year, including summer semester. You will no longer automatically be assessed the fee for the following semesters in the same academic year.

International students cannot waive the medical insurance offered by the university unless they obtain permission from the Office of International Student and Faculty Services.

Re-enrollment in student health insurance 

Students will not be automatically charged for the student health insurance each semester if they have completed the student health insurance waiver during a prior semester in the same academic year. Students can choose to re-enroll in the University Health Insurance plan during open enrollment periods at the beginning of each semester. Open enrollment will begin approximately two (2) weeks prior to the start of each semester, and continue through the posted enrollment deadline for each semester. Students must contact the student health insurance administrator at  to complete the enrollment process. Completion of an enrollment form early will not make the insurance coverage begin prior to the predetermined coverage periods. There are no refunds or pro-rated amounts for the student health insurance.

Billing and Insurance Questions

Ohio University Campus Care Business office

740.593.1660, option #1

University-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Questions

Ohio University Student Health Insurance Administrator

Campus Care Business Office, Room 227
Phone: 740.593.1931
Fax: 740.593.0699

United HealthCare

Customer Service Line: 1.800.767.0700