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Working Together for Our Commuinty

Working Together for Our Commuinty
Hannah Nissen and Mayor Don Mason Signing Document

Hanna Nissen, Interim Associate Dean of Campus Operations and Mayor Don Mason recently met on campus to sign a support compact acknowledging their partnership and mutual support during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

This compact between Ohio University Zanesville and the City of Zanesville formally documented the commitment to work together to find solutions to benefit the community at large.

In order to work with one another toward mutually beneficial solutions, we recognize our community must:

  • maintain the health and safety of the Zanesville Campus and Zanesville community, which are community efforts;
  • ensure each member of our communities observe heightened health and safety precautions;
  • embrace a culture of care and encourage members of our communities to accept some inconvenience, an essential action in order to keep our community safe, protect our own families and friends, and ensure business continuity; 
  • support one another – as individuals and in community – by actively listening and assisting one another where possible and safe.

On behalf of our communities, we are committing to working together to ensure accountability, and cooperation in adhering to policies, ordinances, and public-health practices that will keep our community, and every member of it safe, as well as reduce disruption in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.