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Katie Wilson named Regional Recruitment Manager for OHIO Zanesville

October 25, 2022

Katie Wilson visits area high schools and college fairs to educate students about Ohio University, helping prospective students determine their best path to their future, whether that be at OHIO Zanesville or another regional campus, the residential Athens campus, or OHIO Online.

In this, she assists prospective students with the application process, including gathering their transcripts and ensuring the student’s application is complete. Wilson’s goal is to make the application process as easy as possible by assisting students in choosing the best Ohio University experience for them.

Wilson is an alumna of OHIO Zanesville.  She chose Zanesville’s campus after graduating from Philo High School due to its affordability and it being close to home.

 “I feel like a lot of people believe you don’t get that college experience going to a regional campus, instead of going away to school, but you really do,” Wilson said.

When she decided to apply for her current position, Wilson was elated, as she already felt connected to the campus as an alumna.

Wilson says that her favorite part of her role is connecting with students and helping them work through issues like paying for college and determining program selection. While visiting area high schools and events, Wilson is excited to share how OHIO Zanesville is growing and giving students an Ohio University experience in their own backyard. 

“If you don’t know the answer, maybe someone else doesn’t know either. There’s no question too big or too small, just ask it because this will help us assist both you and future students,” Wilson advises.

To schedule a meeting with Wilson or tour the campus, visit or call 740.588.1559.