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About PR

Professional development is an integral part of a professor's career at Ohio University Zanesville. The Public Relations Department can publicize your achievements internally to the university and externally to the media.

In addition to gaining the recognition of your colleagues, publicizing your professional activities (published articles, conference presentations, art show awards, etc.) enhances the University's public image. At the touch of a button we can disseminate information to media in our seven-county service area and beyond.

We can also provide publicity support to special events, like International Education Week, Education Mock Interviews, etc. We can also highlight the achievements of exceptional students, like those who win awards or honors Media attention helps increase an audience for your event or enhances recognition for excellence.

Feel free to submit any or all promotion ideas to the Public Relations Department. Please remember that time constraints may prevent all ideas from being acted upon, so give as much lead time as possible to ensure most effective and efficient attention.

Given the media in the areas we serve, submitting any publicity information for consideration at least two weeks in advance of an event will provide the greatest reach of publicity.


The Public Relations Office can ensure that publications meet certain standards set in Athens that properly convey the graphic identity of Ohio University.

Whether you're interested in a program brochure or a flyer for an event, contact Public Relations for support. We can develop promotional pieces for you from scratch, or we can assist you in developing your own pieces.

Ohio University's current logo was adopted in 2002 along with a set of instructions that explains how to use the logo properly. Adhering to theses standards increases the visibility of the university and your own event, too.

Click here to go to the Ohio University's Brand Center.

If you have questions regarding the proper use of the university's logo, please contact the Public Relations Office!

The university's logo has two elements. The logo mark (the oval symbol) and the logo type (the words "Ohio University.") The logo mark is never to be used alone to represent the university.

Not interested in weeding through all the rules and regulations? Do you just need a logo to use? Examples of the black, green, and color logos are below along with links to the JPEG files.






Click here to download the black JPG file.
Click here to download the green JPG file.

Click here to download the color JPG file.


Click here to download the black EPS file.

Click here to download the green EPS file.

Click here to download the color JPG file.


Click here to download the black TIF file.

Click here to download the green TIF file.

Click here to download the color TIF file.

If The Media Contacts You

We attempt to interest editors and reporters enough to cover our stories more in-depth. Success is achieved when a reporter follows up with a phone call – sometimes to the Public Relations Office, but sometimes directly to the faculty or staff contact identified in the media alert or press release.

Do your best to act natural when conversing with a reporter, and remember, they wouldn’t have contacted you if you didn’t know what was going on in the first place.

Please give a quick call or send a quick e-mail to the Public Relations Office if the media does contact you so we can watch for your interview and document the media attention.

Picture Time

The Public Relations Office has a digital camera with which we can take photos for many different uses. Please do not hesitate to ask for support if there is something you would like your event covered, would like a professional headshot or have other photography needs.