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OU Zanesville - Public Relations

Public Relations Office Mission

The Public Relations Office supports the Zanesville Campus and the University by showcasing the excellence of its students, faculty and staff; increasing brand awareness and influencing recruitment and retention; and developing positive relationships with stakeholders through communications that inform, engage, inspire and celebrate excellence.

Event Promotion

  1. News You Can Use - please submit your items by noon on Fridays for inclusion in Monday's edition during the term.
  2. Press Releases - email the who, what, where, when, and why to at least two weeks in advance of your event.
  3. Submit a Story Idea - email accomplishments, achievements, and other story ideas to
  4. Bulletin Boards - please follow the following guidelines when posting fliers on campus bulletin boards:
  • Use only public bulletin boards; items that are placed on specific use boards will be removed.
  • Date your posting as we only keep postings up for 60 days from the time of posting; note that all boards are cleaned at the end of each semester.
  • Items with vulgar or discriminatory content will be removed.
  • All postings are subject to removal if they do not meet these criteria or if the posting covers on-campus events and announcements. Priority for posting space is given to student groups, campus events, and University business over other community postings.
  • Postings must be made with thumb tacks on designated boards; no tape on walls or other surfaces; avoid posting on doors and windows for safety purposes.


Faculty/Staff Photos & Campus Event Coverage

For the Media

Contact Public Relations Office at or via phone at 740-588-1565

Speakers/Expert Bureau

University Calendar of Events for Zanesville events visit

University Publications Standards and Logos

Official OU Zanesville Publication Standards

Official Campus Logos for download and publication information

Business Cards

E-mail your request for business cards to or handwrite any updates on your existing card and send to Chris Shaw via intercampus mail.