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OhioToday features Zanesville alumna

OhioToday features Zanesville alumna

A recent OhioToday article featured an OHIO Zanesville alumna who overcame adversity to realize her academic dreams on the regional campuses.

The article highlights how Stacy Cesa Schindler BSS ’01, BSC ’02, MA ’14, began her higher education journey as a traditional student on the Athens campus, but had to change trajectory when her family’s financial situation unexpectedly changed. Schindler enrolled at OHIO Zanesville and was able to complete her bachelor’s degree in specialized studies thanks to flexible course schedules, all while she was able to maintain full-time employment.

Schindler also recalled how her regional campus experience allowed her to get involved in student organizations and even chartered her own club, L.E.A.D. (Leadership Enhancement Acquisition Delegation), an organization that focuses on developing leadership skills in students.

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