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OHIO Zanesville 2022 MLK Scholarship Ceremony

2022 MLK Scholarship Winner - Aaron Leon Tonnous
2022 MLK Scholarship Winner - Aaron Leon Tonnous

Ohio University Zanesville and the 2022 MLK Prayer Breakfast Scholarship Committee at the Muskingum County Community Foundation honored area students in a virtual ceremony broadcast on WHIZ TV for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 17.

Aaron Leon Tonnous, OHIO Zanesville 2022 MLK Scholarship Recipient, is a junior majoring in history with a minor in English.  A graduate of John Glenn High School, Tonnous works on campus at the Zanesville Campus Library and has a passion for preserving history. 

His favorite inspirational quote is, “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times,” from G. Michael Hopf, “Those Who Remain.”

“I plan on applying my degree to enter the job market and become a historian to help keep records of history so that the future generation of our world can learn from the past,” Tonnous said.  He plans to pursue a position as a museum curator.

2022 Rachel McDonald Scholarship Winner - Corson
2022 Rachel McDonald Scholarship Winner Letisha Corson

The 2022 Rachel McDonald Scholarship recipient is Letisha Corson.  Corson is a social work and psychology major in her junior year at OHIO Zanesville.  Corson’s plan after graduation is to work in a children’s hospital as a mental health counselor for children and their families.

 “Ohio University Zanesville has helped me achieve my goals to my best potential of who I need to be to helping others,” Corson said.

The Rachel McDonald Scholarship is open to minority students in their third or fourth year of study at OHIO Zanesville.  Qualified students are nominated by administrators at OHIO Zanesville.  Rachel McDonald was a special education teacher at Zanesville City Schools and an advocate for students and education for the region.

To learn more about these scholarship recipients and their complete student spotlights, visit ohio.edu/zanesville.  For Ohio University Zanesville enrollment information, contact 740.588.1439.