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Sport and Lifestyle Studies

Regional Higher Education
Bachelor of Science in Sport and Lifestyle Studies


Program Description

The Sport and Lifestyle Studies program is a liberal arts degree which focuses on preparing students for entry level positions in sports and recreation. The interdisciplinary approach provides a foundation in understanding sport, recreation and health/ wellness along with developing basic skills in leadership and management. Through the choice of a required minor or certificate program, students can tailor the degree towards their personal interests, as well as their projected community needs, thus enhancing their potential to meet job market demands.

Program Requirements

The curriculum is comprised of core didactic courses and a set of departmental and professional requirements. The Core requirements introduce the foundations of sport, recreation, health/wellness, and ethics; and provide theoretical and practical development in the areas of leadership and management. Courses emphasize practical application and experimental learning involving volunteer activates and peer leadership. The extra-departmental and professional requirement component has four subsets: students will choose from a variety of activity courses designed to build their personal recreation and sports skills; select from a choice of introductory business courses; select from a choice of biological science courses; and select from upper level courses in related discipline offerings. In addition to these 63 semester hours of core major requirements, the degree requires the completion of a minor or certificate to be selected in consultation with your Academic Advisor. Suggested minors include: Coaching Education, Business, or Communications.

View the Course Catalog entry for detailed requirements and curriculum.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Sport and Lifestyle Studies Program will be prepared for work in a variety of sport and activity settings, including youth sports leagues, senior centers, nursing homes, community recreation centers, commercial recreation settings, and government parks and recreation departments. By integrating the fields of sport, recreation, and health, along with a selected minor, the SLS degree will be highly adaptable to the region and beyond.

Recent graduates have obtained jobs including:

  • Nursing home activities coordinators
  • Minor league baseball facilities manager
  • YMCA aquatics director
  • CrossFit coach and manager
  • Community living leasing consultant
  • Private business owner
  • High school athletic director
  • Coach

Graduates have also continued their education with a master’s in Sport Management or a master’s in Counseling.

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Contact Information

Kathy Normansell, Sport & Lifestyle Studies Coordinator (SLS)