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Applied Management

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM)

Program Description

The Bachelors of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) major provides students with management knowledge, skills and values for success in today’s complex enterprises. The degree is primarily intended for students who have completed a two-year degree program (or equivalent credit hours) from an accredited community college, regional campus or technical college. Students receive individualized academic advising to meet Ohio University’s general education and baccalaureate degree requirements.

Program Requirements
Area I Professional Business Skills (15 semester hours)

BUSL 2000 - Law and Society (3hrs)
SAM 3250J - Strategic Managerial Communication (3hrs) OR
ENG 3840J - Writing, Reading, and Rhetoric in the Professions (3hrs)
ATCH 2090 - Business Statistics (3hrs)
MIS 2011 - Introduction to Information Analysis and Design (3hrs)
One of the following: COMS 2040 - Principles & Techniques of Interviewing (3hrs)

COMS 3060 - Interpersonal Conflict Management (3hrs) PSY 3610 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3hrs)

Area II Core Courses (24 semester hours)

SAM 1000 - Entrepreneurial Accounting (3hrs
SAM 3010 - Managing Processes (3hrs)
SAM 3020 - Consumer Marketing (3hrs)
SAM 3050 - Supervision Management (3hrs)
SAM 3000 - Managing Systems and Projects (3hrs)
SAM 3100 - Foundations of Financial Management (3hrs) SAM 3910 - Internship (3hrs)

SAM 4700 - Managing Strategically in the Future (3hrs)

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Graduates have a solid understanding of diverse disciplines so they can lead and motivate employees, make decisions in management settings, and become leaders in their fields. Applied Management graduates are prepared to enter careers or advance in areas such as marketing, banking, logistics, human resources, non- profit administration, public relations, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc.

Contact Information

Darci Wagner; wagnerd@ohio.edu | 740.588.1516