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Associate of Science

Associate in Science

Program Overview

The Associate in Science degree is a great option for students who enter Ohio University Zanesville either undecided on their major or planning to transfer to another institution in the future.  The A.S. degree requires students to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours, with a minimum of 20 credit hours being taken at Ohio University.

Admission Requirements

Freshman/First-Year Students: No requirements beyond Ohio University Zanesville admission requirements

Current OU Zanesville Students: Adding the Associate in Science requires you to be in good academic standing

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Many entry level positions now require an associate’s degree.  A liberal arts degree, like the Associate in Science degree can also provide the foundation for completing a bachelor’s degree in the future.

Program Requirements

Completion of the Associate in Science requires a minimum of 60 credit hours.  Students pursuing the A.S. degree must fulfill the university’s Tier I quantitative skills and first year English composition requirements.   In addition, students must complete the following degree requirements:


Associate in Science (AA1104)

                 1.Complete a minimum of 20 hours in Natural Science, Applied Science & Quantitative Skills

                  2.Complete a minimum of 10 hours in Arts & Humanities

                  3 Complete a minimum of 10 hours in Social Sciences



You may access additional information by visiting the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog here: