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Clinical Coaching


Welcome to your new role as a Clinical Coach on the Genesis Dedicated Education Unit.  This orientation site contains a series of forms and video's that comprise your orientation.  The orientation is designed for you to complete the steps in order.  The final step requires printing of the certificate of completion, signing the document, and then providing it to your Unit Manager.



1. Welcome to the Dedicated Education Unit


2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Clinical Coach


3. How to Handle Student Errors and Concerns


4.  Referrals to the Nursing Lab


5.  What to Expect on Your First Day with the Student.


6.  Summary of Forms to be used on the Dedicated Education Unit.

Document: DEU Roles & Responsibilities of the Student

Document: Clinical Coach Role Description

Document: Preceptor Agreement Form

Document: Daily Progress Notes

Document: Report & Med Sheets

Document: Student Self Documentation Packet

7.  Certificate of Completion of the Clinical Coach Orientation

 Document: Certificate of Completion