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Pre-Physical Therapy

 Psychology Pre-Physical Therapy Major

This program prepares you to apply to graduate physical therapy professional programs.

CHEM 121, 122, 123 Principles of Chemistry
ENG 151 or 152 or 153 Freshman Composition
MATH 163A, or MATH 266A Calculus, orCalculus Biol Appl
PSY 101 General Psychology
PSY 221 Statistics
PT 259A, 259B Introduction to Physical Therapy
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
BIOS 170, 171 Introduction to Zoology

PHYS 201, 202, 203 Introduction to Physics
PSY 226 Research Methods
PSY 273 Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSY 312 Physiological Psychology
PSY 332 Abnormal Psychology
BIOS 301 or 302 Human Anatomy (soph)
BIOS 345, 346 Human Physiology and Lab (soph)
BIOS 445, 446 or PESS 414, 415 Physiology of Exercise, LabPhysiology of Exercise, Lab
PHIL 130 or PHIL 331 Introduction to Ethics, Moral Problems in Medicine
ENG 305J or ENG 308J Technical Writing (jr), Adv. Composition (jr)

PSY 374 Adulthood and Aging
PSY 489 Fieldwork

one of:
PSY 201 Sensation and Perception
PSY 203 Learning
PSY 304 Human Learning
PSY 308 Human Judgment and Decision Making
PSY 327 Human Psychophysiology

one of:
PSY 233 Psychology of Personality

PSY 351 Clinical and Counseling Psychology
PSY 380 Psychology of Health and Illness

PSY 430 Psychoactive Drugs

one of:
PSY 275 Educational Psychology
PSY 315 Behavior Genetics and Individual Differences

PSY 376 Psychological Disorders of Childhood

two of:
PSY 261 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 336 Social Psychology
PSY 337 Social Psych. Of Justice

BIOS 352 or PESS 302 Biomechanics, Biomechanics
BIOS 401 Human Anatomy
BIOS 413 Human Neuroscience

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