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Bachelor of Arts in History


Program Overview

By examining human agency and exploring the choices, limitations, achievements and failures of past peoples, history majors better understand the creation of the present and appreciate the possibilities of the future. Historians don’t just study the past; they develop the ability to read critically, research thoroughly, and express ideas carefully and persuasively. Because historical study is very often comparative, with constant attention to global conditions, our majors are well prepared for a variety of careers in today’s global marketplace in the public and private sectors as analytical, creative, articulate and informed thinkers. History majors become lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, social workers, and teachers. They work around the world in the Foreign Service, NGOs, international corporations and governmental agencies, in the armed forces and in education. Studying history not only prepares students for these professions; it also satisfies their curiosity about who they are and where they come from.


Opportunities Upon Graduation

Training in history prepares students for a variety of careers. Many pursue jobs in education, museum, and library work. Others turn the critical-thinking and writing skills history classes provide them into careers as lawyers, government officials, businessmen and women, journalists, and policy consultants in the non-profit sector. A history degree allows students to explore different cultures and develop analytical abilities necessary for succeeding in our increasingly globalized society.


Contact Information

Dr. Korcaighe Hale:  | 740.588.1545 or Morten Bach:  | 740.588.1540


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