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Facilities Management FAQs

Do we rent our facilities to the community?
Yes, but only for non-profit events. We currently do not permit fundraisers or private social functions such as weddings, anniversary celebrations, class reunions or proms. There is a rental and cleanup charge. Please contact Billie Mautz (588-1505) or Kristin Roberts (588-1393) for more information. Facilities Usage Request Forms are available at the Elson Hall Information Center, College Hall Duplicating, or from Facilities Management.
You can also click here to print a form. 

My classroom is too hot/cold, who do I call?

Please call Facilities, extension 1398, as soon as possible for emergency work orders such as a power outage, toilet overflowing, leaky roof, or extreme hot/cold temperatures in your area.

Who do I call if my classroom needs attention?
Please call Facilities, extension 1398 for issues such as: no chalk or markers, need extra chairs, trash didn't get emptied, etc.

Vending machine issues?
The vending machines are operated through the Ohio Rehabilitation Services. The operator is on campus daily. If you did not receive your product or the correct change, refund envelopes are located in the vending area in each building.

Campus phone issues?
Call the ZSC HelpDesk at extension 1327. They provide phone support for both OUZ and ZSC.

Where can I find a pay phone?
Sorry, there are no pay phones located on campus.

I lost my office/building key(s)!
Kristin Roberts at extension 1393.

My car tag broke, can I get a replacement?
Contact Kristin at or extension 1393. Be sure to include all vehicle information (make/model, color, year, license plate number, and previous tag number).

How can I apply for a job with Facilities Management?
All positions are filled through the Athens Campus. Please visit the Ohio University employment website:

Who do I contact about Lost & Found items?
Lost & Found items are handled by Campus Security. All items should be turned in to Security, which is located in the Campus Center, room T472. Please contact Security at extension 1111 if you have items to turn in, or to check for lost items.

Automobile issues?
All problems, such as a flat tire, locked keys in the car, or a dead battery should be referred to Security at extension 1111. (from an outside line, dial 740-683-3584)

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