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Hate-Motivated Violations of the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct

The Division of Student Affairs at Ohio University seeks to foster a safe environment conducive to learning and the free exchange of ideas. As such, Ohio University does not limit constitutionally protected speech. Ohio University, however, is steadfast in its intolerance for hateful behavior that is directed at an individual(s) with the motivation of causing harm. This position is a constitutionally permitted exercise of the university's authority to educate and discipline its students.

Ohio University defines hate-motivated offenses as conduct (harassment or physical acts) directed at an individual(s) on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability with intention to intimidate or injure an individual(s), physically, mentally, or emotionally. Hate-motivated offenses compromise the integrity of the Ohio University community and may constitute violations of the A-6 (Mental or Bodily Harm) and A-7 (Discrimination) provisions of the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct.

Students found responsible for such violations are subject to a range of disciplinary sanctions including disciplinary expulsion from Ohio University. University Judiciaries may impose harsher sanctions when behavior is proven to be motivated by hate. As in all cases of misconduct, including hate-motivated offenses, both the accused student and the complainant have rights that are observed throughout the university judicial process. These rights are contained in their entirety in the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct.
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