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Cutler Hall

Tyasia Whitsitt

  • Army National Guard member
  • Feminist Equality Movement member
  • Opted to have a random roommate

English major

College of Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

How did you choose OHIO?

I went to the Multicultural Visit Program, which influenced me to come here. The environment was very different from what I was used to experiencing. I could go down the street and say hi and somebody would say, “Hi, how ya doing?” It was a very open community.

What’s the best advice you’ve received in college?

Honestly, the same tips that we’ve been given throughout high school – time management, studying. Those are the things that work. No matter how hard we may want to say it’s not about time management, those tips are the essential part of achieving whatever academic goals that you have. And the first thing is to set a goal.

What resources do you use to help you be successful?

I use the Writing Center. The Writing Center is where you meet with a tutor, most likely a graduate student, and they help you brainstorm and they critique your paper. They won’t write it for you! The Math Center, whew, they’re a lifesaver. They help with any math that is being offered at Ohio University – algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, you name it. The Veterans Affairs Center is for veterans. It’s a place veterans can go for things that pertain specifically to them, like accessing the GI Bill. I go to the LGBT Center, the Women’s Center, the Allen Student Help Center, and the Career and Leadership Development Center because these are organizations that are geared to helping you shape your full potential.

Have you participated in any arts events?

Yeah, I went to a few plays and I went to Midnight Madness (laboratory plays). The Multicultural Center hosts poetry jams. It’s amazing, the amount of talent and the poetry and the songs. The environment is so open and supportive. If you mess up on a line or have to restart, there’s no judgment, and people will still urge you along and snap and clap for you.

How are you paying for college?

The military is paying for tuition, but not for the other expenses. It’s very easy to get federally subsidized student loans.

What do you want a prospective student to know about OHIO?

High school can be very hard, very judgmental. Here, you can reinvent yourself. You’re free to be who you are. People will know who you are and accept you for that. It’s freedom.

What does Bobcat pride mean to you?

Bobcat pride is fun. Game days, game nights – whether it be volleyball, basketball, football – everyone pretty much has a ball. It’s time for you to kick back and not worry about grades. I love (our mascot) Rufus. Rufus is awesome.

"Living with somebody, you learn to compromise. You learn to bring up issues without causing an argument. When you live with someone every day, you know whether they need a hug."

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