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Cutler Hall

Liis Kullerkann

  • Varsity volleyball player
  • Completed 21st Century Leadership Series
  • President, International Business Society

International business major with finance track, French minor

College of Business

Hometown: Keila, Estonia

How is it to be an international student at OHIO?

I feel very welcome. I love being an international student. I was kind of nervous joining clubs with all American students at first because I didn’t know if I was going to blend in. It took a little time to realize that people were very interested in me or my background or my country. Americans are very open and friendly.

You completed the 21st Century Leadership Series. What did you learn?

Every week they have a two-hour presentation on different topics, so one week it’s ethics, one week it’s True Colors – where you can assess your personality, etc. It was a lot of fun; there were good things to learn and activities for teamwork. I feel like that series helped me become a better leader in general, especially with my organization, International Business Society. You learn more about yourself and how people perceive you and how you can showcase your strengths and build upon them. I would say I’m a pretty democratic leader. I like people’s input and opinions, and I make decisions based on that.

How are your professors?

I love all my professors. They’ve all been really helpful. We have two girls on the volleyball team who are in the College of Business. The professors go to our games – you always see a group of business professors in the stands. That’s how involved they get. I love that they’re so involved, so helpful, and they work around our athletic schedule.

What are your favorite campus facilities?

I like Ping Recreation Center and the classes that they have – yoga, pilates, stretching. As far as the library, you learn to appreciate the separate group study rooms. During the (College of Business) cluster courses, our group was meeting three, four, five, six hours a night, and we used those rooms. There’s the Student Writing Center in the library, and we have the Center for Professional Communication in the business school that the business students can use for writing help.

How’s the food?

I was kind of concerned about not having many options in the dining halls and having to eat junk food and gaining weight. I was surprised to find out that there are actually a lot of salad bars and a lot of options to choose from. I like the dining halls. I love Nelson Dining Hall. I love breakfast, and they have all-day breakfast at Nelson.

You’re primarily an athlete. Do you partake in arts events?

Oh yeah, for sure, a lot. I’m very impressed with the plays here. I go to the plays, I went to a music concert, I went to the spring dance concert. The film festival in the spring – I love that.

Has Athens become your home away from home?

I’m an international business major, and we talk about culture and culture shock a lot. When we talked about reverse culture shock, I didn’t realize I had it until I learned about it. When I go home, I notice things about people at home that kind of start to annoy me and I’m like, “Why aren’t you more like Americans?” And I start missing this place, so I’d say for sure that this has become my home away from home.

"I've grown a lot as a person. From volleyball, I really learned the meaning of teamwork. It's not about you; it's about the team. That really helps me in the business world or in life in general."


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