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Josiah Hayes

  • Was homeschooled
  • National Science Teachers Association member
  • SpeakOUT! coordinator for the LGBT Center

Education-integrated sciences major

Patton College of Education

Hometown: Albany, Ohio

What is a learning community (LC)?

You are placed in an LC with students who are in your classes first term. It’s just a small group of people with a peer mentor who is in your major. I was in a biology learning community. The peer mentor gives supplementary activities to make the concepts that you deal with each week in class concrete. Ours was awesome. It’s a way to get connected with people in your major and network. I would recommend it.

Have you used any of the free academic support services offered?

Freshman year I used Supplemental Instruction quite often. The SI leader is somebody who has passed the class before with a B or higher. They will occasionally sit in class and take notes just like you do. Certain nights of the week they offer kind of a mini-lecture and more problem-based activities to get you familiar with the content and how to use it. It’s very helpful in the chemistry department. That’s why I took SI. Even as a science person, chemistry is the class that always got to me.

Did you have a random roommate?

I had a random roommate. We had fun roommate bonding things. But also what we kind of ended up doing was hanging out in the lobby of our residence hall. There was a core group of us who’d start hanging out after a while. We’d study together. We’d go out to dinner together. It was a nice way to meet people.

You’re a member of the LGBT community. How is it being a minority on campus?

Thankfully, Athens is really liberal, so I feel safe here. Once I connected with the LGBT community on campus, it was great.

Have you completed an internship?

I’ll be doing my professional teaching internship next year. As a sophomore, I became a teaching assistant for a communications 101 class – COMS 1010. We had meetings to plan out our lab lessons. As an education major, that was a good experience.

"Get involved. Look online, go to the involvement fair. After getting involved on campus, you start to meet people who are going to be lifelong friends."


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