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Cutler Hall

Tyler Ames

  • Varsity men's cross country captain
  • Conducting biomechanics research
  • Biology, chemistry, math, and statistics tutor
  • Favorite Athens restaurant: Big Mamma's Burritos

Biology major

College of Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Cortland, Ohio

Who is your favorite professor?

Don’t make me pick. They’re all really great in their own way. That’s one of the biggest things I like about OHIO. We’re all students here. Our first priority is to study and do well. When your professors are accessible and helpful and ready to meet you, it makes things that much easier.

You’re doing undergraduate research. How accessible is that?

It was really easy to get involved in research. I e-mailed a professor and she met me one time and said, "You're welcome to come help me any time." I work with degus; they look like hamsters. We run them on treadmills and on tracks and measure biomechanical properties like stride length and rate. I get academic credit for it.

You also make time for community service. Why?

I love Athens and I wanted to give back. I volunteered with Good Works Discovery Kids Club. They do a day care for families that can't afford to send their kids to day care for the summer. They provide a full meal and educational activities and just fun activities. I helped out with organizing everything. I loved it. Five days a week for three months they were able to provide a full day of food and activity on zero budget—all of it was donated or volunteer help. That's because people here are so willing to give back to the city. OHIO has an entire department dedicated to helping get students set up with different volunteer activities.

How did you become a tutor?

I was tutoring some of the guys on the cross country team my freshman year. One of the upperclassmen asked why I wasn't getting paid for it. If you have an A or a B in a class and you take a training course you can tutor for that class. You self-contract with the students so you can schedule it on your own. If students are looking for extra help outside of class, it's easy to find. There's so much of it that you couldn't even utilize all of it. There's tutoring, supplemental instruction, peer-led team learning and more.

What are your future goals?

My long-term career goals are to attend medical school and eventually become a doctor and hopefully a radiologist. And right now, I'm accepted into medical school. Ohio University has been a huge help every step of the way, from helping me with my intro biology class all the way to my interview for med school.

“I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up a tough science major and practice four or five hours a day. It actually helps me to do better in class than if I weren't on a sports team. Having a structure and a schedule has helped me stay on track in academics.”

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