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Cutler Hall

Andy Black

  • Member, OHIO club soccer
  • Interned with Chilean Olympic Committee
  • Resident Assistant, Shively Hall
  • Has lived in seven countries

Sport management and marketing major

College of Business

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

How did you choose OHIO?

My father went to Ohio University, I got a good scholarship offer, they have a great sport management program, and it has a beautiful campus.

How did you find your community of friends?

I'm currently involved in club soccer. I got here my freshman year and that was really a good way to meet people. I just got here and being on the team with other people instantly made me friends with them.

Is OHIO a diverse campus?

On my soccer team we have people from five different countries. My good group of friends, we're like from 10 different countries, from different continents, so I think it does have a diverse culture. Even though the majority of OHIO students are from the United States they still have diverse backgrounds. There are people from all different kinds of families, from different levels of income, so there's that type of diversity.

What are the educational benefits of this diversity?

It's interesting to see how different people think or work, or how little things that you take for granted can be completely different for people from a different culture or from a different background. You will work with diverse people in the future, so learning that in college is very useful.

Have you utilized the Career and Leadership Development Center?

I went to the Career and Leadership Development Center earlier this semester to get my resume checked when I started applying for internships, and when the career fair was coming up I went. I wanted to make sure my resume format was good, and they had someone there who helped me. He gave me recommendations about resumes, about my cover letters, and how to go through the career fair and talk with employers. So it's really useful information they provided me.

Where did you intern?

The internship I did was last summer with the Chilean Olympic Committee. It was the month just before the (London) Olympics. Half the time we were working on logistics for the Olympics. I learned a lot of specific things like how to prepare business plans and how the sponsorships worked. The sponsors had strict restrictions. This summer I'm going to London to work with this company called Pitch. They own the television rights of the Brazilian soccer team so I'm going to be working with them for two months and hopefully that's going to be a good experience too. I'm sure it will.

“I have an Ohio University Scholarship, I have my resident assistant job, I work in Ping Recreation Center. I also have a loan and my parents help me. College is a big cost but it's definitely worth it and there are always ways to pay. It is an investment.”

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 Important dates

August 24
Fall semester classes begin