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Living on Campus


At OHIO, your residence hall is a place to live, learn, and grow. We're committed to your health and safety, scholarship, student development, citizenship, and diversity—right where you live.


Learning Communities

A learning community (LC) is a group of students who take a common set of courses together or share a common experience around their academic studies. As part of a community of approximately 20-25 students, you will have a built-in support network during your first semester at OHIO. Participants in an LC develop a deeper understanding of the courses' subject matter while they build relationships and learn together outside of the classroom.

Residential Housing

OHIO's beautiful residential campus is a center for academic, social, cultural, and recreational activities. Residential Housing strives to engage, motivate, and challenge students using our mission, values, and goals for guidance. 

Culinary Services

At OHIO, we serve 3.8 million meals each year to a community with an astonishing range of tastes and needs—from vegetarians to burger-and-pizza addicts, from students with special dietary needs to international students hoping for a taste of home—all of them trying to eat well on a student budget and within a student schedule.


The Culinary Services website always has the most up-to-date information about your meal plan options. There, you will find information regarding hours of operation, meal plan specifics, daily menu offerings, nutrition, employment opportunities, guest meal prices, points-of-contact for questions, and more.

Sustainability at OHIO

Green is more than a school color at OHIO. It's our commitment to sustainability. 

OHIO offers the classic residential college experience. Approximately 8,000 students live on campus in 42 residence halls.

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