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Water Polo Resources

Understanding the Game - Basic Rules of Water Polo
Excellent resource for beginning players from USA Water Polo

Important Water Polo Terminology
See these terms for a better understanding of the game.

Fouls & Referee Signals
Link to the James Madison Club Water Polo website, which illustrates
minor and major fouls, as well as motions made by referees.

Official FINA USA Playing Rules

(click to download PDF)

2006 Rule Changes
(click to download PDF)

Ohio University Women's Water Polo, 2009
A picture/video montage of our season put together by one of our very own Parent-fans.

"Synchro-Dive" Animation, 2009
A short but sweet animation of the Bobcat's pre-warm up tradition.

Monthly Newsletters

Each month, we send out a newsletter to parents and alumni with team updates. If you would
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Newsletters can also be downloaded from this website by clicking the links below.

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