Teaching Licensure and Academic Calendar

Teaching Licensure Options

Faculty from the Patton College of Education, in partnership with faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, have a long standing history of collaborative projects with educators from the high needs small, rural schools that represent various socio-economic strata and Appalachian culture – the specific foci of our program. The Ohio University Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship offers teaching licenses for the following programs:

Middle Childhood Mathematics and Science (grades 4-9)

Adolescent to Young Adult (High School grades 7-12)


Earth and Space Science

Life Science (Biology)

Physical Science – Chemistry only

Physical Science – Physics only

Physical Science -- Physics and Chemistry

Depending on level of academic preparation, candidates may be able to obtain more than one license.

In June2014, the third cohort of Fellows will begin their one-year fellowship toward becoming professional educators.

Academic Calendar

The calendar for Ohio University's Woodrow Wilson Fellowship program will be linked with Ohio University's academic calendar and the school calendars where the fellows are placed for their clinical experience. Below is a summary of Ohio University's tentative academic calendar for 2014-2015.

Summer 2014

Summer Session Opening Date – May 12

WWF orientation and classes begin June 3

Independence Day holiday – July 4

Summer Session Closing Date – August 16, 2013

Fall Semester 2014 - 2015

Fall Quarter Opening – August 25

Holiday– November 11

Thanksgiving Break – November 26 - 28

Last Day of Classes – December 6

Examination Period – December 8 – 12

Spring Semester 2014 - 2015

Spring Semester Opening – January 12

Martin Luther King Day – January 19

Spring Break – March 1 – 7

Last Day of Classes – April 25

Examination Period – April 27 – May 1

Summer Session 2015

Opening- May 11, 2015

Memorial Day – May 25, 2015

Summer Session I Closing – June 27, 2015

Summer Session II Closing – August 15, 2015


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