One of the best things about the WOUB stations and the WOUB Center for Public Media are the people who work or volunteer here. Most are based in Athens, at the Ohio University main campus, but we also maintain technical personnel at our Cambridge, Ohio tramsitter site.

In addition to professional staff, our stations also provide a vital laboratory experience for Ohio University students. We're proud of the long tradition of student involvement at our stations. In fact, many of the people you see and hear on the air are students at Ohio University. And you'd be surprised to find how many of your favorite newscasters and talk show hosts got their start in broadcasting at Ohio University

Center for Public Media Adminsistration

Tom Hodson Interim Director and General Manager
Mark Brewer Cheif Content Officer
Steve Skidmore Chief Technology Officer
Sue Cyran Director of Business Operations

Public Television Programming and Outreach

Joan Pittman Butcher Director of Program Services
Suzanne Borchard Ready to Learn Coordinator
Alisia Simon Traffic/Promotion Coordinator
- Videographer/Editor

Public Radio and Interactive Services

Tim Myers Director
Rusty Smith FM Program Manager
Bryan Gibson AM Program Manager
Mark Hellenberg Producer
Chris Riddle Announcer
Bethany Venable Announcer
Don Bilski Family Health Director


Ted Ross Director of Engineering
Ken Cash Cambridge Facilities Supervisor
Terry Pack Broadcast Technician
Haven Wallace Broadcast Engineer
Dave Sorden Broadcast Engineer
Dwayne Hawk Broadcast Engineer
David Moore Broadcast Technician
Alex Neimayer Broadcast Technician
Terry Douds Broadcast Operations Supervisor
Jeffrey Harmison Broadcast IT Supervisor
Yvonne Morman Accounting Specialist

Educational Telecommunications

Cindy Adams Administrative Associate for OULN
Ann Kyle Administrative Associate for OULN
Jessica Makosky OULN Operations Supervisor
Kevin Price Educational and Media Supervisor


Mike Rodriguez Director of Prodcuction Services and Student Development
Mark Robinson Audio Supervisor
Ann Kyle Administrative Associate


Tim Sharp Director
Fred Knight Assistant News Director
Cheri Russo Managing News Editor/Documentary Producer

Development and Communications

Jeannie Jeffers Director
Kelly Martin Public Information Coordinator
Soozan Palsa Graphics Supervisor
Loring Lovett Corporate Support Representative
Don Bilski Membership Coordator