Love Your Body Day

LYBD 2014 digital display


Schedule of Events:


9-10am: Office Yoga with Jen Mainelli ~ Learn relaxing yoga poses that you can do at your desk.


10:45-11:40am: "The VOX Know Your Body Challenge!" with Voices of Planned Parenthood (VOX) ~ Trivia and free condoms! What more do you need?


12:00-1:00pm “Disobedient Bodies: Corporeal Feminist Performance” Jennie Klein, Art History ~ Professor Klein will trace the history of women’s bodies within art.


1:30-2:30pm “Body Hair Hoopla” with Devin Carny and body hair hoopla participants ~ View the photo project and hear from the participants.


3:00-4:00pm “You Say Vagina, I Say Va-Jay-Jay: What's Up Down There?” with Dr. Jane Balbo ~ Have you ever wondered what's "normal" below the belt? Dr. Balbo can help answer your questions! Come learn about healthy sex, healthy bodies, and happy vaginas.

4:15-5:15pm "I'm a Viking!: Whose Body is This Anyway?" with Dr. Jalen Hutchinson ~ Jalen will chronicle the journey of growing up in a body deemed "socially unacceptable" in multiple ways -- and the lessons Jalen has learned from it today in the continued journey to find a way to "Love Your Body".


5:30-6:30pm “Straight or Curly: What’s the Difference to You?” with Feminist Equality Movement (FEM) ~ Come discuss the many things women do to their hair and the many reasons we do them.




Photos from Love Your Body Day 2013











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